Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Plea to the universe.

Life sure can be interesting sometimes. Just when you think you have a handle on it, just at that moment where you say to yourself “Hey, I think I finally have it all together, this is pretty decent” WHAM, the universe up and screws with you.

Now its not always in a bad way. In my case, its been a great thing. But it does have a way of shaking up your world and reminding you how crazy life can get.

My biological father and his wife came out to Halifax for a visit. Wasn’t sure what to think or to expect - hell, wasn’t sure what to do. Spent about an hour the night before our first meeting trying to come up with what to do... shake hands? Hug? Stand there like an idiot? So many choices, and no real protocol. (In the end, we hugged.)

The visit went great - they are good people. They took to the boys like fish to water, and Bug is already deeply in love with them. It brought tears to my eyes more than once to see him holding his grandfather’s hand pulling him along on a new adventure. Or exclaiming “Grandpa! Come see the boat!” Bug thought he had died and gone to heaven when his new grandparents took him on the Harbour Hopper (an amphibious vehicle that does a tour of the harbour and the old downtown of Halifax), and never once stopped smiling the whole time.

So, a great week was had by all.

Then, in the space of about four hours on Sunday, I found a four leaf clover and a copper penny (as opposed to those nickel pennies that everyone else finds). My wife asked my what I was going to use all that luck on - and all I could think of was using it to make sure that nothing changed. For the first time in my life, I love where I am, and who I am - and, in true me style, have become paranoid about something messing with that.

Sure, more money would be great. And yes, my career is a bit stale at the moment. But those are incidentals, really unimportant on the cosmic scale of things. My family (my ever increasing family!) is what is really important to me. And its doing just fine. Now I just need to make sure that nothing messes with that.

Fate, if you are listening, please stay the hell away. Just this once, let this slide for a while. I know you like to try and change things up, to help us discover more about ourselves through adversity... and I can appreciate that. Its usually refreshing, and even the bad things do help us become the people we are - but how about you and I make a deal. You stay the hell away from me and my family, just for a while, and I’ll leave out cookies for the raccoons, in a vain effort to have them stay the hell out of my garbage. That’s a win-win, isn’t it? I get something, the racoons get something, and you can spend your valuable time with other families... may I suggest the families of reality TV show stars? They (and their 500 million viewers) welcome your influence and hope you’ll drop by!