Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I am officially getting old.

Last week, I woke up with a good ole fashioned kink in my neck. Couldn't get rid of it, and just resigned myself to letting it work its way out over a couple days.

But on Thursday, whilst cycling down a very steep hill, and travelling at speeds which are both terrifying and exhilarating, I nearly had an accident. My tires went out from under the bike as I was executing a leaning curve. As this happened, I undertook a very quick risk assessment study - sliding out into traffic would very likely have resulted in death, I had too much speed to simply let the bike crash on spot... I love my wife and kids... don't want to see the brightly lit tunnel... The Assessment Sub-Committee came back with the answer "Slam your foot down and try to not die."

Well, I am typing. So it worked. But from that day on, the entire right side of my body has been protesting, and my neck has gotten progressively worse. I went for a massage on Saturday, hoping that would deal with it. It helped, but this morning its worse than ever before.

So, I bit the bullet and did something I had vowed to never do again. I called a chiropractor. I hope he's nice.

My last experience with a chiropractor was in high school. After a minor football injury pushed a vertebrae out of line, he damned near paralyzed me. Not even an exaggeration - I could not walk for three days after he "fixed" my back.

But I am reliably informed that his doctor is good, well-trained and not a sadist. The last part is the important one here.

Stay tuned!

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