Sunday, January 30, 2011

Does it still count, if... 8.5 / 30

you are physically incapable of completing a blog post?  :)

Sure, you can call it a rationalization if you want, and you'd likely be right, but I was literally unable to get to the computer long enough to complete anything resembling a blog post yesterday, owing to not being in the house long enough.  The boys and I went to the Discovery Center, then I was off to a friends house for a marathon gaming session that ran until 3:00 am.  Fun was had by all!

On the fun note, those of you living in the HRM must visit the Discovery Center at your earliest convenience!  The new exhibit (which we got a small taste of yesterday, though it won't open completely until Monday) is by far the best, most kid friendly, awesomest one they have ever had.  Whether it was the giant soft dominoes, the huge backgammon / dance board or the four foot tall singing billiard balls, there was something for everyone to have fun with.  And yes, we had fun!

So, back to writing tonight.  I'm still giving myself half credit for this one though. 

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