Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You're One in a Billion Baby 24 / 30

So maybe I am naïve, or maybe just not paranoid enough.  Probably a focus of my upbringing, what with all the hugs and love I experienced.  Or maybe it’s because I have never done any drugs that would cause me to be paranoid.  Or perhaps it’s because I am such a well adjusted individual with no anger or anxiety issues.  Whatever it is, I am sure glad it left me unscarred and naïve – because I kind of like it.

I recently posed the suggestion that a universal DNA registry, along with a universal fingerprint registry would be good ideas.  I also advocated in favor of street corner cameras, a la London.

Seems I am in the minority.  Not entirely certain why though.  A few people cited “privacy concerns” with regard to letting the government and the police have access to their DNA and fingerprints.  I inquired if those same people ever blew their nose and tossed the Kleenex away, or if they incinerated all of their various bodily spills – blank looks.  I asked what about their DNA was so private, and I got “well, you never know what the government would do with my DNA now, do you?”

This is a good point.  I don’t know what the government would do with my DNA, nor my fingerprints.  I mean, it’s very possible that they would frame me for murders, nail me for tax evasion and steal my Wii games.  They could even use camera images to splice together images of me doing things I have never done, in places I have never done.  You know, because I am such a high priority for the government and CSIS is routinely reading my mail, email, texts and blog posts.

Seriously people, why so afraid of “Big Brother”?  Let’s face it, the government and the police are too busy dealing with criminals to waste time ruining my life.  The only things I have to fear from my government are increased taxes, non-accountability when they steal money, broken campaign promises, reductions in services, smaller school budgets, stupid quasi-military spending and rogue leaders proroguing Parliament.

What is the source of this fear?  Why do so many people (about ten I asked today all had the exact same response) have issues with governments watching them in public places, and governments being able to readily identify individuals?

Think about it for a moment… how many crimes would be far more easily solved if the police could easily run the DNA they found at the scene and get a match.  Sure, it’s not an exact science, its only 99.9% accurate (or less, depending on who you talk to) but it is getting better all the time.  And think about how that could be used:  Let’s say you are a gay couple living in small town Nova Scotia, and someone deposits human feces on your property.  Why would anyone do that you ask?  Well, because people are generally speaking real idiots and overall big douchebags.  But right now, no way to tell who’s feces that is.  Now if we had a DNA registry, the police could take a sample, and viola!  We have someone to talk to.  Sure, its not conclusive evidence that the feces was deposited there by the person to produced said feces.  But it’s a pretty good place for the police to start.

And say there was a camera on every corner.  With today’s face recognition software (which face it is only going to get better and better) the mugger who assaulted the old lady could be identified, located and questioned.  Why are these things such bad ideas?

What is the fear?  Anyone?  Anyone?

Yes, your DNA could be used against you.  Yes, the government could take my DNA and make thousands of SRD clones, unleashing them across the country to wreak a terrible havoc and destroy life as we know it.  But seriously folks, if you aren’t breaking the law, why would you be concerned about these sorts of things?

If anyone can actually give me a non-conspiracy answer to this question, I’d sure appreciate it.

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